SuperChassis 813MFTQ-R400CB
SuperChassis 813MFTQ-R400CB
1. 400W Redundant power supplies
2. 4x 3.5" Hot-swap SAS2 (6Gb/s) / 
    SATA Drive Bays
3. 1x Full-height AOC expansion slot
4. 4x 40x28mm high-efficiency fans
    (2 more optional; 6x fans maximum)
5. 1x USB / COM Port tray in slim
    DVD bay (optional)
6. Applications: data center, appliance
    server, space critical application,
    industrial PC
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    Product SKUs
    • SuperChassis 813MFTQ-R400CB (Black)
    Form Factor
    1U chassis support for motherboard sizes - 
    Micro ATX9.6" x 9.6" or ATX 12" x 10"
    Processor Support
    Supports dual, single Intel® / AMD processors
    • 1.7" (43mm)
    • 17.2" (437mm)
    • 19.85" (503mm)
    Gross Weight
    • 33.5 lbs (15.2kg)
    Available Colors
    • Black
    Expansion Slots
    1x Full-height AOC expansion slot
    Drive Bays
    • 4x 3.5" Hot-swap SAS2 (6Gb/s) / SATA drive bays
    • SAS or enterprise SATA HDD only recommended
    SAS / SATA Backplane
    1x SAS / SATA Backplane
    Peripheral Drives
    • Front USB/COM tray in slim DVD bay (Optional)
    Front Panel
    • Power On/Off button
    • System Reset button
    • Power LED
    • Hard drive activity LED
    • 2x Network activity LEDs
    • System Overheat LED
    Motherboard (for CSE-813MFTQ-R400CB )
    X10DRL-C X10DRL-CT
    X10DRL-i X10DRL-iT
    X10SRH-CLN4F X10SRi-F
    X11SSH-F X11SSH-LN4F
    X11SSH-TF X11SSi-LN4F
    X11SSL X11SSL-CF
    X11SSL-F X11SSL-nF
    X11SSM X11SSM-F
    Server(s) for SC813MFTQ-R400CB
    6017R-M7RF 6018R-MTR
    System Cooling
    • 4x 4cm 4-pin PWM fans
    • 2x additional fans optional; 6x fans total maximum
    Operating Environment (System)
    Operating Temperature Range
    • 5°C ~ 35°C (41°F ~ 95°F)
    Non-Operating Temperature Range
    • -40°C ~ 60°C (-40°F ~ 140°F)
    Operating Relative Humidity Range
    • 8% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
    Non-Operating Relative Humidity Range
    • 5% - 95% (non-condensing)
    Power Supply
    400W Redundant Power Supplies w/Power Distributor, PMBus 1.2, I2C, and PFC
    AC Input
    • 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 6-3A
    DC Output
    • +5V standby: 3A
    • +12V: 33A
    DC Output
    With Power Distributor
    • +5V: 25A
    • +3.3V: 25A
    • -12V: 0.6A
    Regulatory (Power Supply)
    Power Supply Safety / EMC
    • USA - UL listed, FCC
    • Canada - CUL listed
    • Europe/CE Mark
    • EN 60950/IEC 60950-Compliant
    See Parts List
    Standard Parts List
      Part Number Qty Description
    Chassis CSE-813MFTQ-R400CB 1 1U Chassis (Black)
    Backplane BPN-SAS-815TQ 1 4-port 1U TQ backplane (W/ enclosure management), support up to 4x 3.5-inch SAS/SATA HDD
    Cable 1 CBL-0071L 1 ROUND 16 pin TO 16 PIN RIBBON FP CABLE 75cm. 28AWG
    Cable 2 CBL-0157L 1 8 pin to 8 pin ribbon SGPIO cable with tube , 40cm, PBF
    Cable 3 CBL-0186L 1 SET OF 4 SATA 56/45.5/35/23CM ROUND S-RA. 26AWG
    Peripheral Drive 1 CSE-PT93L-B 1 Black DVD dummy cover for SC813, 813M, 815, PBF-RoHS
    FAN 1 FAN-0147L4 4 40x40x28 mm, 17.5K RPM, SC813MTS Middle Cooling Fan,RoHS/REACH,PBF
    Front Panel FPB-FP813-D 1 Front control board dual color for SC815,SC813M (C)
    Fan Holder MCP-320-00031-0B 1 Fan tray for six 40x28 fans(SC813M/113M)
    Drive Tray(s) MCP-220-00075-0B 4 Black gen 5.5 hot-swap 3.5"; HDD tray
    Power Distributor PDB-PT813M-2424 1 Power Distributor With 24pin for SC813M
    Power Supply MCP-250-00016-0V 1 Redundant Silver plastic PDB cover for SC813M,113M
    Power Supply PWS-406P-1R 2 1U 400W Redundant Short Depth Power Supply
    Mounting Rails MCP-290-00102-0N 1set Outer rail, quick-release type, 25.6
    Mounting Rails MCP-290-00108-0N 1set Inner rail, front, short, quick-release type
    Mounting Rails MCP-290-00110-0N 1set Inner rail, extension (quick) for 1U 17.2
    Rear Window MCP-240-00086-0N 1 STD rear window for SC113 redundant PWS
    Optional Parts List
      Part Number Qty Description
    Heatsink / Retention - - Please refer to our Thermal Components Matrix
    Air Shroud MCP-310-18009-0N
    813M/113M/811/512 UP X8STi X7 mylar air shroud, 12x9.6 MB
    Air Shroud for DP (dual processor) Intel DP
    SC811, SC111, SC813M, SC113M, SC512F-280/350/410/520/600, SC513L-410/420, DP X9DBL ,X9 Mylar Air Shroud, 12"x 10" MB
    Chassis Parts MCP-260-00024-0N
    1U I/O shield for X8 server MB (3rd LAN + 4xLAN)
    Riser card bracket for SC812,813,813M,815,111,113,113M
    Mounting Rails MCP-290-00056-0N
    19" to 26.4" outer rail, for 1U 17.2" W chassis
    25.6" to 33.05" outer rail, for 1U 17.2" W chassis (10 sets/pack)
    Peripheral Drives MCP-220-00110-0B - Optional USB / COM Port tray in slim DVD
    Front Bezel
    ( Compatibility Table )
    CSE-PTFB-813LB -
    Front Bezel Cover with Key Lock and Filter, black
    LCD/OLED Solutions - - Please reference the LCD/OLED Display Solutions for details
    Adaptor HDD carrier MCP-220-00043-0N - Adaptor HDD carrier to install 2.5" HDD in 3.5" HDD tray
    Air Shroud MCP-310-19007-0N 1 SC811/SC512L/SC512F/SC813M/SC113M/SC513L-410B/SC513L-420B/SC513F, UP X9SRE/I, X9 Mylar Air Shroud, 12" x 9.6" MB